Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Weird Conversation

Me hey!

Anonymous: yooooooohhh whats the dealio

no more quiznos 4 meeeeeeee

what's going on with you?

chillin at ians, bout to go scavenge for some grub

oh cool 4

lol when are you heading to the academny

the academy? college?

the 29th

cheayh im high. whoops

you sound high hahahahahhahahahaa

lol, you... type high?

how does this thing work

so many buttons!

f it. ill just buy a camel

good i dea

much less complicated, just water them once a year and youre good to go

okay can i borrow it?

nerber, i mneant never!

jk you can have it 4


just briing him back before sundown

why before sundown?

whats the opposite of a vampire?

a wolf

oh, then because its a wolfcamel. wolfamel?

gargamels distant cousin

gargoyles distant cousin of the gargamels

distant cousin of the wolfamel

distant cousin of the camel



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